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What is Planet Swirl?

 PlanetSwirl is an upscale  swinger group for sexy, classy, sophisticated swinger couples, select single females and select single males.  All races and sexual orientations are welcome to join & attend events.  Our group is comprised of those experienced in alternative lifestyles while welcoming new comers who desire to explore its excitement. Our foundation is based on acceptance of ALL people with a commonality of a sexually open-mind. 

  Planet Swirl is the place where you can explore the sensuous and erotic side of recreational sex with consenting adults. This group is for those looking to discover everything your curious and sexually hungry minds desire. Mix and mingle with sexually adventurous people who are interested, experienced, and yes even those just getting started! 

  Planet Swirl hosts invitation only meet and greets parties and themed events in elegant environments such as upscale bars, clubs, complete hotel takeovers, on-premise swing clubs, nudist resorts, lifestyle conventions, and private homes across the country (Texas is HQ)

Members of the Planet Swirl community enjoy unique experiences, reveling in the company of people of ALL races who seek to explore varied and erotic sides of an alternative lifestyle in the company of beautiful and fun people. The point is to intermingle with those who share a common interest- including swapping, voyeurism, arousal by watching others in sexual activity and exhibitionism. Our sexually charged atmosphere is meant to excite and tempt you! Feel free to express your sensuality and unleash your deepest, darkest, and most erotic fantasies with other sexy like-minded people. 


Fulfill your desires…welcome to PLANET SWIRL!

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