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Tue, Feb 19


Forney, TX 75126, USA

The Glow Party (1)

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The Glow Party  (1)
The Glow Party  (1)

Time & Location

Feb 19, 2019, 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Forney, TX 75126, USA

About the Event

If you have never been to a Texas Swirl party where have you been? On November 3 we are going to glow. Wear your black light friendly clothes or nothing at all. Be prepare to come have fun, dance your ass off, and be naughty. Music by Dj Push




Large hot tub

Four play areas (3 bedrooms and outdoor day bed)

Dungeon with sex swing, spanking bench, St Andrew's Cross, and massage table

Mouthwash, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, condoms, lube, and sheets provided near each play area


BYOB -- this is a BYOB party.

Condoms -- we will provide condoms, but we can't promise to have every shape, size, type, etc, so please bring your own if necessary.

Towels recommended.


We request donations to help put on this party. It is costly to host a large number of guests and the donation you provide helps us to cover the cost as well as maintain and provide new amenities in the future.

ALL ATTENDEES MUST REGISTER. All we need is your name and email address. The email address will be used to send you the address of the party by 4 p.m. on the party day.

Couples $25 (or $40 at the door) -- The suggested donation for couples who register is $40 at the door. You can pay the donation in advance and it's only $25. Parties CAN fill up, so register early. If registration is full, contact a party host to get an invite. Please do not show up as single male if you registered as a couple, you will not be admitted unless you are, in fact, a couple.

Single Male $40 (or $60 at the door) -- The suggested donation for single males who register is $60 at the door. You can pay the donation in advance and it's only $40. We have a LIMITED spot for single guys. Once registration fills up, you'll need to contact the party hosts to get an invite. Registration does not guarantee admittance unless you have pre-paid.

Single Females $10 (or $20 at the door)-- The suggested donation for single Females who register is $20 at the door. You can pay the donation in advance and it's only $20) Registration still required.

There is a small convenience fee for all online, pay in advance, tickets.

Refunds: NO REFUNDS.Can transfer to some one else or use as a credit for another event


21 or OVER only -- no one under 21 admitted.

All play room doors must remain open at all times. We do this for two reasons. First, because of safety. We want everyone to feel safe at our parties and often a closed door can lead to some uncompromising and uncomfortable situations that we want to avoid. Secondly, because a closed door is boring. We've been to house parties where the door is shut and it changes the mood of the whole party. This is a house party and whether you play or just want to watch, we want everyone to have a good time. An open door does NOT however mean the persons who are in that room are inviting you to play with them.

Do not touch anyone unless given permission. This is normal swinger etiquette, but it must be stated. There are many couples who don't mind, but there are also many that DO! Don't invite yourself to participate with someone else unless he or she has let you know it is ok. Alert a host if someone has violated your space without permission. Violation of this rule could get you kicked out of the party.

Please throw used condoms away. Throw condoms in the trash cans found in each play area. Do not flush condoms in the toliet.

Please arrive and leave in appropriate attire. Another common sense rule, but please don't show up or leave the house not fully dressed. Door entry and exit will be monitored.

Disrespect of other party guests will not be tolerated. This is a non-judgmental atmosphere where people of all shapes, sizes, race, and sexual orientation can gather without fear of what others think. Please respect everyone's style of play regardless whether it conforms to your own. Disrespect of other party guests will not be tolerated and can get you kicked out of the party and banned from future events.

Please change the sheets where appropriate. Fresh, clean sheets will be provided in all play areas. If you play, please be courteous and refresh the sheets for the next persons who want to play. The bondage bed sheets and the outdoor daybed cover do not get removed, so please put down towels or sheets under you before playing on these beds. Also, you may play on the couches, however you must put something under you. Please don't sit naked on interior furnture without something under you. If you know that you squirt or get excessively wet, please place an extra sheet or towel on the bed underneath you.

Please don't adjust lights, thermostat, blinds, candles, etc without talking to a host. We purposely set the lighting low and intimate in the play areas to give enough light to play, but not be completely in the dark. Again, this is to support the party atmosphere we aim to create. Blinds, candles, and temperature are all set in advance to create the necessary ambiance that appeals to the majority of party goers. Please ask before you change anything or a host will put back whatever it is that has been changed.

You are expected to follow swinger etiquette. If this is your first party, educate yourself on what is typically expected at a house party. Swinger Party Etiquette

Smoking allowed outside only. If you smoke, please find one of the provided ashtrays and do not leave cigarette butts lying around.

We are not 420 friendly. Because pot is illegal in the state of Texas, we cannot allow that or any other drugs at the party. Smoke before you come, but please do not use while at the party.

NOTICE! By registering for this party, you are stating that you aware this is a adults-only oriented event, where there will be sexual acts in full view of any persons admitted. You further acknowledge that all sexual interaction at this party is done among consenting adults. In addition, you or others in your party will not photograph or record anyone without their permission. Discretion is a must. Please do not reveal the names of persons at the party with anyone not in the lifestyle. Doing so can get you blacklisted from future events.

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