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      What is the Lifestyle? “The Lifestyle” means swinging – couples getting together with other couples to enjoy sex with each other’s partners. The lifestyle also includes singles (ladies or men) who get together with couples to participate in sexual activities.


      Why do I have to register to attend a party? In order to attend any of
our events you must register for EACH event at .
Access to a party will not be granted without registering.

         What is the dress code for your events? Many of our events are themed events, theme attire is encouraged, but NEVER REQUIRED. It can be more fun to dress in theme, but your “regular” club attire is fine too. We do not have a dress code per se. Some people dress up, some dress down, some dress very sexy, and some are more conservative. Wear whatever makes you feel COMFORTABLE AND SEXY.


          What is the average attendance for Texas Swirl events? We do NOT
our attendance, our events host a strong well-balanced crowd.
Can we bring sexual toys to an event? Yes, you may bring toys to
enhance your fun!

        Are guests required to participate in sex? With the exception of events where SEX is encouraged by all attendees (clearly posted on the event),guests are NEVER required to participate. Many couples/person who attend the events come to enjoy the atmosphere, watch the play, or like to be watched. Each couple/person sets their own limits for what they want to do!


        Are single men allowed? A limited number of single men are allowed at our events. Note: Two men coming together DO NOT constitute a couple.Why swing if I am single? For single females, the sky is the limit. You have the opportunity for ;the best of both worlds; and probably more single females would enjoy swinging if they were better exposed to it. For the single man, in order to be a success, you will need to be patient and easy- going. Socialize with the other members and remember that it is important to be respectful, considerate, sensual and fun to be with.


       Are alcohol available for purchase at a Texas Swirl event? Our events are all BYOB, we do provide drink set ups.

      What is the average age of event attendees? We tend to attract crowds in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s but all of legal age (21+) are welcome!

   Can I take pictures at an event? While we don’t prohibit cameras, we ask that you get consent before taking someone’s picture. Likewise, do not share pictures on the various social media platforms without approval of those in the picture. If a Professional Photographer is on site, you may request a copy of your picture(s) for your use (a fee may apply).

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