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Become a Planet Swirl Event Volunteer

Do you like connecting with other people? Have you ever been interested in event promotions or just wondered what goes into the planning of such an event? Here’s your chance to be a part of one of the best Lifestyle events. It’s a great way to network and meet other people. Become a Planet Swirl Event volunteer and get your hands wet with all levels of event promotion.

It’s not all party and fun. There is a lot of work to go along with all the fun and excitement people experience at a Planet Swirl Event. We welcome you to be considered to be a part of it. Some of your responsibilities will include tedious task like unpacking boxes, stuffing welcome bags and handing out  other promotional items, putting up and taking down decorations for parties, meet and greet and other events during the weekend. These are just some of duties assigned to a volunteer.

The Planet Swirl team takes pride in our work and the service we offer, so that means our volunteers have to be sober and alert for all matters that may arise. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, then we urge you to apply. Spaces are limited so send us the form below or Contact Us and ask how you can be a part of our team.

Thanks for submitting!
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